I’m not a fan of TV for my child. I have a fear of an eventual addiction that would display zombie-like behavior.  Save that for adolescence right?

So in terms of media, there’s TV..there’s Dvd.. and then there’s YouTube.  A happy medium.

When I used to look up American Idol performances on YouTube, I never thought I’d access it to teach my kid about the alphabet! But lo and behold, Elmo and India Arie rocking the alphabet is exactly what got my baby girl to sing it out loud– in the bath, in her crib, while playing, while hanging with dolly.

Check it out. It’s catchy.

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2 Responses to ABC, ABC

  1. AtlantaMom says:

    Our 2-year-old loves Elmo and India Arie also! Here are a couple of alphabet video alternatives your little one might also enjoy:
    The Cool Alphabet Song
    ABC Song

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