Just a little pick me up

Sometimes kids just need help getting started.

This morning my daughter was eager to play and wouldn’t stop singing the alphabet. But none of the activities would hold her interest. Then, I read about changing the music in order to change the mood of play and PRESTO! She dug up some alphabet flashcards that I completely forgot about. I have no idea how she found them but they inspired me to start a scavenger hunt. She was familiar with most of the words so I asked her to find the actual items around the house. I could see the light bulb turn on in her eyes as she scrambled to find the balloon, the pail, the jacket, the scissors, the umbrella. She learned a couple of new words as well like ruler, zipper, match, and watch.

And for the rest of the day, she explored by herself. All I had to do was change the soundtrack to warm her up.

Check out the Putumayo Kids music collection: http://www.putumayo.com/en/putumayo_kids.php

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