# of days I’ve read to her:  365 more or less

# of times I’ve counted her little toddler toes: 365 more or less

# of times I’ve counted the ducks in the lake: 365 more or less

# of times she counted on her own : once. TODAY!

It was twilight and we were getting ready for dinner. She was trying to make herself useful by “packing away” her toys and started singing:

“1..2..3..4..5……6..7..8..9..10! Mama, 10!”

Today all that drilling paid off in a single moment. Now does she know that numbers are really symbols not words? Nevermind. I still can’t believe how children pick things up. Jut when I was feeling resigned to the routine of play, she gives me a reason to go on and find more interesting activities. So fellow moms– keep at it. You never know when your pay off will be.

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