Point of view

I almost always have to initiate an activity but she’s becoming a little initiator. She pulled out these pieces from her bureau:

cool graphic

Not just a red shirt...The shapes and animals are saying hi!

point of view

Not just a souvenir shirt...The entire zoo is following me home.

child vision

Not just pajamas.. Dogs live in my pants

She was so excited  I finally took a good look at them– not just the usual functional — that’s-too-hot-to-wear, too-old-to-wear-outside –look.  There was something to talk about. We identified the animals, counted them, identified the shapes and counted those. We tried to count the dogs on the pants but she lost interest by then. I don’t think she likes anything that’s more than ten.

The point is kids wear a different set of glasses. I saw hot,old, red clothes. She saw cool animals and shapes. So if you run out of ideas for stimulating your kids, take a look at your clothes and your kids’ clothes. And more importantly, pay attention to the things that catch their attention. She’s enriching you as much as you are enriching them.

How has your child changed your view of  things?

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