Eat M-e

I chanced upon this vintage Fischer-Price school days desk in my husband’s childhood photos. He’s 7 years older than me and yet I had the same thing. Something actually connected us aside from the 80s.

childhood circa 1970s

I really wish we still kept ours to give to our daughter but sadly it’s gone. So I looked for something similar at the store.  Nada. Nothing came close. So I just got the magnet letters and told myself I’d make my own version at home.  Here’s how far I got:

makeshift school days desk

After an hour or two, my daughter came to me with her mouth full.  I freaked out and fished out what was inside: a capital letter M and small letter e. She ate M and e . Did they actually tell her to “Eat Me” ?

…Let’s just say we don’t play with the letters unsupervised.

What have you found in your toddler’s mouth lately?

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