Ay Naku!

I don’t speak Tagalog to my daughter enough. It’s not my first language and my accent is “questionable.”  Luckily there’s a variety of bilingual children’s books in the market now. Among my favorites are Tahanan Books.  They recently launched, Ay Naku! by Reni Roxas, illustrated by Serj Bumatay III. It’s an amazing book that uses as little as 20 different words to tell the story of a mischievous little boy named Botbot. There’s not a single sentence in the book except for “Ay Naku” to convey fear, exasperation, disappointment, and the proverbial sigh. It’s a our new bedtime book and after two nights, she is officially charmed by Botbot. I’m counting on him to increase our vocabulary!

tahanan books

Get charmed by Botbot

Tagalog lessons

And teach your toddler Tagalog

How do you teach your children a second language?

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2 Responses to Ay Naku!

  1. Tess Demir says:

    The Joses gave R a book that had English AND the Tagalog translation in it. I, too, do not speak enough Tagalog for him to learn. So I was happy when they gave us this book as I figured I can start practicing more Tagalog with it.

    My mom started laughing as I read the book to R.

    I now speak to him in Indonesian instead.

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