Before I had a child, dough meant slapping my hand on my forehead a la Homer Simpson (Doh!). Clearly, I have never been inclined to anything culinary and still struggle with it to this day. But these days, dough means craft time:

dough with stamps and molds

Let's play with dough!

pat flat

She loves how it feels.

alternative stamp

Stamping the dough

dough stamp art

Dough art!

I found this at Subic Royale a couple of months ago and my baby loves it so much she likes to just sit with it like it’s a pet or something. (Toddlers!)

Just remember to roll the dough in your hands first to get rid of the moisture. Otherwise, it’ll end up in her hands and she will be more consumed with the remnants in her hand than the actual dough-rolling-stamping action.

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2 Responses to Dough!

  1. mai says:

    Gabby loves dough as well……how can any child NOT love dough, right? It’s soft, sticky, colorful, and smells good (well, at least for me they do) hehehehe!

    Dough is a very good medium for their imagination to run! Gab loves to “cook” food and “bake” cookies for mommy when she plays with her dough.

    And Mommy Mai happily chomps them down :)

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