Weekend Hangover

When I was pregnant, I prepared myself for the thought of having another mouth to feed, another mind to mold and another person to love. I did not think about the additional social life to manage. It’s Monday and I’m hungover from the weekend.

I am very thankful for all our invitations to celebrate birthdays and baptisms, they just all seem to happen at the same time. Saturdays are for kiddie birthday parties, and lately Sundays are not just family days, they’re baptism days. And if the husband and I celebrate a Friday night by going out and forgetting that we’re parents, the weekend hangover meter is doubled.

Sometimes I think my role is to deliver her to the party. She completes the kid quota and provides the entertainment for the adults. I jest. She has a lot of fun and that is why I caffeinate myself out of sleepiness and brave the Saturday highway traffic. Thankfully I get fed for my efforts. And in the process of fueling up, I meet fellow doting parents and learn a new trick or two.

..like hamsters are a cool party prize and that I should take pictures of my daughter appreciating them. Missed that kodak moment..

…like kids love balls but under no circumstances should they hold a billiard ball in the presence of a baby. Dodged that bullet.

billard ball

She managed to grab the ball and show it to her new kinakapatid. His parents mentally killed me.

…like karaoke is truly loved by all ages

toddler microphone hogging

They sang the alphabet and couldn't get passed A.

…like art is everywhere even a hotel lobby.

art love

She made sure we stopped and said goodbye to her new favorite painting.

What new tricks did you learn last weekend?

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4 Responses to Weekend Hangover

  1. Carla says:

    Hahaha.. I love the hamster comment. They are perfect for a child- small, cute, safely kept in a cage, and SILENT.

    I remember attending a party with my niece where she could claim a hamster or a chick as a prize. She chose the chick and I lost sleep that night. They are the noisiest of all little pets.

  2. Tess Demir says:

    The new trick I learned this weekend was that this drink is essential for a parent after a night of boozing:



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