Down to some REAL business

…More tricks for those tired days!

What do you do with business cards that have nothing to do with your job?  I’m talking about the cards for restaurants, galleries, exhibits, and stores. Why do you pick one up and where do you keep them? I keep these kind of business cards if they’re pretty and for the ” just in case” scenarios (i.e. just in case I win the lottery and remember that I have the card of those things I didn’t need but suddenly do need now).  Well just in case never happens *ahem*  hasn’t happened yet. But in the mean time,  my daughter is putting those cards to good use.

You see: business cards

child vision

They're not just business cards...

She sees: flash cards

child vision

They're also flash cards! Pointing out the baby, the flower, the horse, the bottle... Makes you look at logos differently huh?

She’s really good at pulling the cards out of the booklet and finds it challenging to slip them back in the sleeves. Nevermind that they’re crumpled and headed for the trash next week. I think she’s delighting in the size and textures of the cards as well.  So this is great for motor skills and exploring as well as identification. If she starts pointing out letters and reading them, I’m grabbing my husband’s cards too!

Child vision activated again. I’ll be posting more of these as they happen. Just click on the child vision category for easy access.

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