Road Trip

We just returned from a beach weekend that entailed constant playmates, swimming galore and eating like no tomorrow.

Here are some things that we took home from our road trip:

1. A love for cars and boats

Boy playmate influences

Car and Boat

I think this may have been the influence of having boy playmates for once. During pretend time, she put together a couple of blocks and declared it a boat. She proceeded to shove a couple of blocks my way and instructed “Car!”

2. A love for coloring books

coloring set

Can't get enough of coloring

There’s nothing else that will keep her pre-occupied in the car. Thanks to Mama D for giving her this portable coloring set.

3. Car seat discipline

In spite of sleeping through most of the 2.5 hour car journey, she still became restless during the last 30 minutes urging us to take her “Out, out!”of her car seat. We told her that Daddy can’t drive unless she’s in the seat and that the car has to stop moving in order for her get out. One of these reasons worked. Resigned to her situation, she just asked for a snack.

What other tricks have you learned during a road trip?

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