Free Labor

I’m loving the toddler independence stage. It doesn’t save much time but it’s nice to have an extra hand in the house.

Daddy’s shoe shiner

morning shoe shine

Morning shoe shine

Service also includes shoe powder application

Mommy’s messenger

Special delivery messenger

Service with a smile!

Specializes in mobile phones, hair brushes and eye glasses

* Warning: objects may have been dropped during transit

Resident light switcher

Energy saver

Energy saver at work

My sidekick in the fight against the big, bad electric bill.

And best of all, she’s our  in-house entertainment. 24/7/365.

How does your little one help around the house?

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2 Responses to Free Labor

  1. Weng Rodriguez says:


    Fun and informative posts! I’ll bookmark it at home (not while I’m working, tee hee).

    My 20 month old girl is my resident vacuum cleaner. ; ) She notices those dust balls (?) and I politely ask her to throw it in the trash can – her soiled nappies too. She lugs small grocery bags and hands out to yaya the stuff to be placed in the pantry.

    Haaaay, I wanna go home and just spend time with her. Note to self: no more distractions when at home. : ) I’m just consumed by party planning (for her 2nd birthday – more questions from me ha?) that I forget she’s the whole reason for the celebration.

    I’ll watch out for your other posts.

    • Thanks for reading Happy Pomelo:) I love the vacuum cleaner story! How cute is that?! You’re planning your party pretty early which means you’re EXCITED! Enjoy making fuss over your little one–while you still have the energy;p Get her involved and show her the stuff you’re deliberating. Kids KNOW when something is for them. I’m sure she’ll get really excited with you and your party planning will become a bonding experience!

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