Happy Halloween!

I kind of wish kids could be in costume all year…

my second halloween

Trick or treat at our playmate's 1st birthday party

united colors of benetton

The gang's all here!



Taking care of the fireman

Sharing or chancing?

Skipping the candy

Maybe I'll meet my prince in the playground...

Robin the prince

Or maybe he'll rescue me at my castle. Hello Prince Robin!

Happy Halloween!

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7 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Ani says:

    sweetness! they’re all so cute!

  2. susan grace filamor says:

    Little Libra is sooo adorable in her princess outfit. Prince Robin looks sooo cute as well….

  3. Janaki says:

    the princess with the robin pic is so cute! she looks such a lovely princess in that outfit :)

  4. sheilz says:

    Love their outfits…
    Didn’t had the chance to enjoy costume parties when I was little. They’re great! Thanks to the mommies and grandmas!

  5. aileen says:

    she’s so cuteeee!!! indeed, she’s a little princess.

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