One Track Mind

Happy 2011!!!

I’ve been raring to get back to regular programming but have had to attend to numerous housekeeping issues– including sending the ol’ laptop to the shop! So how has the new year been for you so far? My prevailing resolution seems to be ORDER. I’ve been in the cleaning, sorting, organizing zone for two weeks now and this includes the food at home. We’re eating more fresh, leafy, healthy stuff and less salty, processed, packaged stuff.  (More posts on this later. So much to share!) I’m beginning to wonder if the new diet is creating all this clarity and order. Could the legend be true? Does eating right make the mind more sound?? I can hear a resounding YES! all the way from New York City:)

So while my favorite things are now order and this new relationship with food, Little Libra has been quite vocal about her favorite things as well. In fact, she sees her favorite things when they don’t seem to be there at all…

I see : snow flakes printed on her pajamas

winter pajamas

Sitting pretty in her winter pajamas

She sees: fireworks!

Living in condo in Manila, Little Libra has seen more than her fair shair of fireworks. Certainly more than snow!

Tell me,  isn’t it more exciting to know that you’re a walking firework? Katy Perry would agree.

I see : circles printed on her pajamas

Her pajamas are filled with circles or multi-colored polka dots at best....

Her pajamas make me think of multi-colored polka dots at best but really, it's filled with (boring) circles

She sees: bubbles

transparent polka dots?

Again so much more thrilling to walk around with magic bubble pants right?

I see : beaded sandals

I thought she was in love with the beaded design...

She sees: grapes, her favorite fruit of all time.

beads of grapes

Actually, she was excited to have access to her favorite snack on her feet! She pretend eats them.

I wonder what she’ll think of these hot flops:


She just might perceive the grapes as watermelons, her other favorite fruit. Ha!

Little Libra is just  2 years and 3 months but seems to be on to something pretty brilliant: Let’s always see our favorite things in everything we do.  I’m cooking up more whimsy and less seriousness on this year’s menu.

Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to One Track Mind

  1. Ani says:

    Happy new year!! I want to hear all about your experiences with more natural eating! :)

    And OMG! When we went shopping with Little Libra, she was STARING at the hotflops. We kept pulling her away but she kept going back to them. Too bad there was none her size or she would have had another goody in her bag! :)

  2. mommy A says:

    happy NY CPM! congratulations on a great start of the new year. i ought to put order in many things when i head home. thanks for the motivation, super mama!
    kisses to the sweetest lil Libra.

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