One Fine Day

There are some days that are more memorable than others.  This is one of them…

We went to the beach and the weather was perfect but unfortunately Murphy’s law was omnipresent. I left my bag – sunblock, goggles, towel, extra clothes – all at home. Little Libra had two of everything but mommy had nothing but the clothes on her back. The irony! Thank goodness I decided to wear my bikini underneath. And after a short hike, my reliable husband scored some sunblock (a fab find actually- try the new and improved Coppertone!).

Anyway, this would be Little Libra’s first beach trip since she started taking her swimming classes more “seriously.” Armed with her swimmer’s confidence and her trusty goggles, she raced ahead of me and summarily took a dive — down the cabana steps, her head narrowly missing the edge. I saw it in slow motion. Her feet actually flipped over her head before she landed on her left arm. But she was unscathed. (My daughter has her father’s luck!) In fact her guardian angels not only pushed her head away from hitting the edge, but pushed her to the grass landing rather than the pavement PLUS they pushed me to her side right before her left arm could take the full impact of the fall. Let me tell you. Prayers work. We could have easily never touched the water and gone right back home to the hospital. But instead we proceeded to do a lot of this:

Sandcastle building

Busy bee-ing


Floating around


We had an awesome time. And my irritation with the forgotten bag? Well, that was replaced by the funny memory of “the time I had to borrow my husband’s undies.” Why did I fit into them so snugly? What does this say about me? What does this say about him? Gosh they were comfortable but geez the panty lines were 5 inches thick!

On the way home, we stopped at Sta Rosa and ate at Kanin Club, his new fave. We ordered all the specials including bagoong rice. Little Libra is a rice eater so she ate most of it just when I was getting started on my plate. I was so famished I could hardly see straight. She started scratching her arm. I applied some caladryl and thought nothing of it. Then she started scratching her other arm and squealed ITCHY! I stuffed a spoonful in my mouth and almost choked when I focused on the collection of small, splotchy seemingly harmless insect bites. Oh my god. I know these. I’ve seen these on myself!

Dammnit. She got my allergies.

… But unlike the random times my allergies would strike, there was a pharmacy nearby. Little Libra has her father’s luck indeed – just around the corner was a Mercury Drug. We quickly purchased a bottle of Benadryl (the syrup is more fast reacting than the pill) and caught the allergy before it spread. Within the period of discovery to taking the medicine – 10 minutes at most – her body already felt warm and appeared red but the medicine nipped the splotches at the bud. As I sat with her in the back of the car and watched the antihistamine overcome her, I realized that we had just evaded another trip to the hospital.  If we didn’t notice her allergies at once, we would have been frantic on the highway and her little body would be swollen by now.

So this is what I know for sure:  I’ll always remember the sight of Little Libra flipping down the steps in slow motion. I’ll always remember the sigh of her first allergy attack. And I’ll never forget that they were NOT traumatic experiences. Bad things don’t always happen– well, badly. They can just be little fires that we put out on one fine day.

The day she fell down the steps and got her first allergy attack...

One fine day

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8 Responses to One Fine Day

  1. Ani says:

    PHEEEEEEEEEW!!! What a day! So glad Little Libra is okay!! And I agree, boys’ shorts are the most comfortable undies! :)
    This post corroborates one thing my friend and mother-of-four just said today: I only move when they bleed. haha! Any more of these fine days (knock on wood), and you’ll have the same motto in no time.

  2. Carla says:

    With our alllergy history, and your ER training, you are an expert by now!

  3. aileen says:

    oh no, not allergies!!! i thought she was allergy-proof!!! my prayers are that it sticks to just shrimp and nothing else!!!

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