How to get rid of a cold

Summer is here and as predicted by Pagasa last February there will be lots of sun and rain. That just means one thing to me: colds!

When the first signs of the sniffles are are upon us — Little Libra, the husband, me and my yayas for that matter — I need 2 things: Vicks and socks. (Ok, I first read about this an email forward while I was pregnant with a cold about 3 years ago.  I had nothing to lose but a couple more sick days from work so I tried it and it worked for me!) Our feet have the biggest pores so applying Vicks on your feet and encasing them in socks allows the to Vicks to do its job– clearing those vital passages that allow you to breathe easy. I swear by this. Little Libra needs to be distracted after a while since it feels warm after the first 15 minutes. But best to just keep them on overnight.

And if the sniffles are a bit more serious, I apply Vicks along the inner muscles aligning the shoulder blades. It’s somehow connected to the lung and nasal passages as well. I’m not saying Vicks is a substitute for medicines. But it’s definitely my go-to remedy before it becomes serious, which it usually doesn’t. Try it!:)

Apply Vicks on the feet...

Encase those little piggies in socks and let the Vicks do its magic!


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