Lenten Project

It’s Lent and I’ve decided to give up a couple of my guilty pleasures: downloading shows and sweets. If I give up anything, I go for a duo, in case I cave with one I still have the other to make myself feel better. We’re only human right?

I have also decided on a good thing NOT to give up – teaching Little Libra her letters. It’s got to be possible for someone like me (with no background in teaching and education) to do this. She knows the animals and their sounds, fruits and foods, colors and shapes (more or less), objects and names due to repetition. I just need to be deliberate about the letters.

I got inspired to do this when I read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I have no comment about her juxtaposition of Chinese vs Western parenting. Parenting is personal (like you own wedding or your own art) and cannot be judged or imposed. I think we all do our best to the best of our capabilities. But this Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, has to be commended for her energy. She kept a full time job AND accompanied her daughters’ during their music lessons and home practices. I’m looking forward to school and classes so I have a break from Little Libra and some time for..me. Eeks. I guess that’s my personal style of parenting— happy me = happy mom = happy wife = happy life.

Anyway, I digress.

Tiger Mom’s eldest daughter knew the letters of the alphabet at 18 months. Little Libra is 29 months. I’ve read up on a couple of ways to make the learning fun. If you’d like to join me on this project visit mommyteacher.com. Here are her tips for reading and letternaming. She’s a former teacher and currently a full time mom so she knows what it’s like to teach your own kids (i.e. challenging!).

26 letters, 40 days less 10 weekends with 4 days leeway, actually 7 days leeway since we’ve worked on letters A to C. She can do it. I can do it. We can do it!



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