The Answer Key

I’m always late. I don’t intend to be, it just happens. I could be on time at home but I always get delayed at the exit point.  In order to be early, I have to budget an extra 30 minutes. The last time I did this was Christmas Eve Mass and we had awesome seats! But I don’t always have extra time. (Let me know where I can buy some!) No matter what I do, I end up 15-30 minutes late. And I finally know why:

After spending the afternoon splashing around in the pool, we were all showered and ready to go home. Then all of a sudden Little Libra adresses the world,

“Where’s the sun???” Translation: WAIT A FREAKING MINUTE. The sun was here when I got out of the pool and stepped into the shower. Now it’s gone. WHERE is it???

I was thinking about the dinner I had to cook, the things I had to pack for tomorrow’s trip, the post I had yet  to write, the list goes on and on. My mind was painstakingly in the future but her mind was stuck firmly in the present.

She stopped us in our tracks and made us consider the whereabouts of the mysterious sun as if it slipped away without permission. It wasn’t enough that the ‘sun will be back tomorrow.’ It wasn’t enough that the ‘sun just left.’ We were inching our way to the car, a 2-minute walk became 15 minutes, then I seriously considered where the heck the sun IS.

“It’s behind the moon.”

It seemed too unbelievable to to be untrue and it did actually answer the question rather than dismiss it. She picked up her bag, ran ahead of us and looked up to the moon,

“Bye Sun! Thanks for coming!” And we were finally on our way.

This is why I tend to be late: I don’t always take the time to answer Little Libra’s questions thoughtfully. Nevermind that a number of these questions occur at exit points. But when I think about it, she’s already living in my adult pace, keeping up as best as she can and if she has a question, it just needs to be answered.  It’s what any good worker would do when they don’t understand something. The least I can do is snap out of my to-do list and answer her. I’ll teach her about timing later.

And then when I really think about it, this 2.5 year-old toddler with a clean slate mind, her life is to make sense of what she sees. Why litter her mind with crappy answers? I should be proud to be the Answer Key of her life (for now).  But cranking out the answers is akin to recalling a forgotten password.  The pressure mounts with each attempt and account lockout/toddler meltdown looms. But when the answer is satisfactory, everything is nice and peachy!

So let’s make like a toddler and Ask the Question. It might just be the key to moving forward.  And please let’s Answer Thoughtfully. Make the answer shine as bright as the sun behind the moon. Then just maybe we’ll show up on time for once.

Have a great weekend guys.

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4 Responses to The Answer Key

  1. Ani says:

    Little Libra is so cute! “Where’s the sun??” hahaha!!! And “Bye Sun, thanks for coming!!” Double bwahahaha! That’s just precious! But seriously, HOW DO YOU answer that question decently with a two-year old?? No wonder our yayas relied on paranormal explanations to shut us up (and propagate urban myths some of which I still subconsciously believe today)! Kudos to you for being a great mother who understands her need of making sense of this brand new world!

    • Thanks sometimes it feels like a game show and the other times it feels like graded recitation! Hahaha I don’t even remember my yayas making up anything for me. So at least you have those memories!

  2. Sheila Ledesma says:

    Aaah, to live in the present. The number one lesson of all time!

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