Happy Hour

I knew her cold has turned for the worse when I was dispensing her snot from the nasal aspirator on a piece of cloth and it bubbled up to a ping pong ball. Little Libra was delighted. I was intensely grossed out. I couldn’t believe her little baby snot was as dense as bubble gum.

The worst part is I have this habit of eating her leftovers. Is this a common trait among mothers or am I the only insane one? I seriously forget that her germs are just as dangerous as an adult’s. She doesn’t have less severe baby germs. If anything, she has more aggressive, never-say-die germs. I had to learn the hard way. My head is throbbing!

The worst of it all: her medicine doesn’t make her sleepy.  So her naps are not only shorter by an hour but she’s extra sensitive to noise, like the noise of putting on my earring. That’s how awake she is.  The truth is I need her 2-hour nap the way weddings need bottomless alcohol. The day is just not as fun without a little hit (of me-time). Actually, Little Libra looks fine but she’s not acting fine. Her attention span is even shorter and she reminds of the way I am when I PMS –frazzled, grouchy and doesn’t know what to do with herself. After messing up her room, the only other thing she want to do is watch TV.

And this is when I have an argument with myself:

Devil: Just plop her in front of the TV. It’s fine. Her brain cells won’t die. You need a break!

Angel: Come on Mom, you can do better than that! THINK!

Devil: You’re tired.

Angel: You’re her mother!

So the angel won and I took her to a trial ballet class instead. Trying something new is always a fun mini project for both of us. My adventure is more on acquisition of supplies (securing the outfit), hers is the actual learning of the skills. I figured that had to be enough to stimulate her and tire her out without killing brain cells.

And behold the snot disappeared and a ballerina was born…

Feeling pretty in her ballerina outfit. Thanks to her Ninang!

Exercise bike

Warming up. Seriously, she considers exercising the way her a parents do a true achievement!


Following teacher! Proud moment #1


Following teacher again! Proud moment #2

Ballet for 2 year olds

Participating in class till the end (even though I had to go in and out of the studio). Time to complete the outfit!

And so ends the story of how I got my 2 hours back. Sometimes a mom’s gotta mix things up, fight the devil and try something new to make snot disappear (for an hour or so). After ballet, there was a nice long  healing nap for a her and a well-deserved, hard-fought happy hour for me. VERY happy. *hiccup*



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13 Responses to Happy Hour

  1. Young_Husband says:

    “her snot disappeared and a ballerina was born.”.. Miraculous! Only moms can do that!

  2. Leki says:

    Sooooo cute and prettyyyyy!!! She has the grooviest ballerina tutu ever! I hope she sticks to ballet and becomes a graceful dancer :) kakagigilll!

  3. Ani says:

    what an adorable post!!! I love all the pink and prettiness! . . . except for that little girl who’s looking at Little Libra’s shoeless feet with the thought bubble that says “ummm, she didn’t get the memo.” hahahaha!

  4. Carla says:

    Leave it to you to be so resourceful. Cheers to you :) Did she have fun and will she go again?

  5. Carla says:

    On another note, she is really looking like a mini- YOU!!
    So cute.

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