Totem Pole

In Filipino culture, the eldest are the most respected and always get the best of everything. So in car speak, the eldest always gets either shotgun or the windows seats, leaving the youngest with the measly middle seat or the lousy foldable seat with no headrest or the back seat with non-existent leg room. This is our culture and even children understand this or so I thought…

We were playing with her Duplo when she decided to make cars for everyone in the family. This one is for Daddy:

Duplo car for daddy

Handmade car for Daddy

This one is for Mommy:

Duplo car for Mommy

Yahoo! She assigned the"real" car to me. I secretly thought she loved me the best. Secretly.

But then I saw the car she reserved for herself:

Deluxe duplo car for Little Libra

Talk about DELUXE.

Just goes to show how everyone – even  a toddler – can discriminate the best from the rest. Or is this just my daughter?

Little Libra may not be proficient with her ABCs, her 123s, or her colors but she definitely grasps the concept of hierarchy. Has she realized her place in the totem pole and fantasizes about where she’d rather be?

OR (Ack!)

Does she really think she’s on top?

What do you think? This just put learning through play on a whole other level.


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2 Responses to Totem Pole

  1. Tita A. says:

    Little Libra in her deluxe car. ha ha ha! Nice to see her play with duplo.

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