Since she started swimming class at 6 months old, Little Libra needed me to be in the pool with her for every single class. I always thought, “What a great bonding activity! I love seeing her progress. It’s so great! It’s so fuuuuun!”

It’s been 30+ sessions already. I’m so done.

So when the teacher casually mentioned that she may be ready for the next class, my eyes lit up. “You mean, she’s promoted?” I was ecstatic. It wasn’t about Little Libra besting her group it meant that I was one level away from the mommy-free class –the dream. *Sigh*  I couldn’t wait to be one of those fully-clothed dry moms half-watching and cheering in the sidelines.

Well, we’ve attended our first session and here’s what I learned: The truth about getting promoted is that you become most kawawa in the new group until a newbie comes along. The mom whose kid used to be at the bottom must feel a lot better with us around.  (Gad, there’s no escaping the cycle of life even in toddler swimming!) There’s a ton of work ahead of us, maybe even 30 more sessions. I’ll have to think about my spot at the bleachers every time we practice going up and down for a breath. The dream feels a little farther now. Noooo..

The funny thing is when we got promoted I told my husband, told our families, told the yayas and told some friends. But I kind of forgot to tell Little Libra. I know. Bad mom!

I was so fixated on my dream of being dry, I didn’t even reward my little girl or explain her swimming achievement. I guess I thought she wouldn’t understand. But anyone who has gone from hating the water to never-wants-to-get-out-of-the-water must know that something has changed in her.  And it’s a change for the better and even better to come.

Was it too late to tell her? We were in the new class already. Then a moment of redemption presented itself when she was trying to fasten the buckle on her shoe. She tried for about 2 seconds and gave up, “Don’t knooooow! Need. Help!” With her eyes still squinting in exasperation, I told her the story of her first promotion. I told her that in her first swimming class she used to scream, cry and swallow the water. Then after practicing for a long time, she can hold her breath, pick things up underwater, lie on her back, and kick her feet. I told her that she’s so good now that she’s no longer in the baby class. She’s in the Mermaid Class where all the good swimmers are.

And she gave that shoe one more try…


Note to self: Throw a party on the next promotion.

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6 Responses to Promoted

  1. anne matoto sznaper says:

    love this entry mama R. big kisses to lil libra and an extra one to the mama for the hardwork and commitment! ;-) miss ya xx

  2. Carla says:

    She has athlete genes on both sides so of course she got promoted! Congratulations to you too! :)

  3. Ani says:

    you are such a good mom! i admire your patience and ability to self-reflect . . . and turn it into getting what YOU want out of this little firecracker. ;)

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