The Case of the Missing Keys

“When you have kids….you’ll lose stuff,”

- Father of 4 teenagers, Christmas 2008


I was given fair warning when Little Libra was an infant. Now our house & car keys were missing. Don’t ask me why they were lying around within a toddler’s reach. They should have been hidden from her, not the other way around right? The last time the keys went missing, I found them attached to the safe 2 days later. I screamed when I found them but secretly applauded the logic. Little Libra was using the keys. It’s not like she deliberately lost them or something. While the yayas scoured the storage boxes, toy boxes, couch, chair, trash bins, drawers– I knew it would be futile. What was she thinking this time? I asked her where they were. Her face drew a blank but she was ominously well-behaved. She definitely took them. That morning she was content to play with her medical cart which she disassembled and declared a car. “Vroom vroom! Excuse me Mommy” she said as I was searching the shoe closet, row by row. She left it right by my feet and I kicked it away.

I quickly called the doorman to make sure the keys weren’t lying around in the lobby. Records indicated they were signed out 3 days prior by the yaya who was on her day off. Did she bring them home? What if she gave them to someone? I scared myself into thinking that some stranger could enter our home and drive away with our car. Then I considered the colossal hassle of getting the locks and ignition changed.

DAMM-I-I-I-I-IT, where are those keys??

Two hours passed, our search party of three felt tired, exasperated and mostly stupid. Being outwitted by a toddler is a painstaking, humbling experience. It was time to break for lunch. Little Libra and her (stuffed) friends parked her car by the dining table for some grub as well. I dealt with some bills, made some calls, took my mind off the case of the missing keys so I could figure out how to change locks without being too pissed.

The table was being cleared and the car was in the way again.  A slight jingle sounded. I pushed it again, silence. Bending down, I shook the car and jingle, jingle. And behold there they were:

The missing keys

Apparently, pretend cars need keys to run too.

Medical Cart cum Car

The car that was kicked around all morning was actually trying to tell me something

So it’s true. Things disappear when you have kids but there’s always a reason. And it will probably get more cryptic as she gets older.

Game on kiddo.


This memory flashed before me as I was scouring the house for the spare house & car keys. Don’t ask me why they were lying around within her reach. They should have been hidden from her, not the other way around right? We looked at the usual adult places – under the bed, in the boxes

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6 Responses to The Case of the Missing Keys

  1. Ani says:

    wahahahahaha!!! this is hilarious!!!!

  2. Ani says:

    . . . .sorry, i meant, “sorry, i feel your pain”. ;)

  3. Tetet says:

    After all that, I’m just relieved you found your keys. :p

  4. Carla says:

    hahaha.. so funny.. why didn’t you think to check the car?!?!

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