The New Addition

Little Libra fell in love over the weekend.

"I love you baby dog!" She has never expressed her love so easily and so passionately. EVER.

We spent a wonderful weekend in Batangas– sunshine, breeze, beach, massages, and yummy homemade food. Little Libra hardly ate a thing or slept a wink. She was busy hanging with our hosts’  adorable shih-tzu/spitz puppies. When it was time go home, she lingered and her eyes were locked on Cocoa. And to her surprise, our gracious hosts gave Cocoa to her.  It’s like she won the lottery. She hasn’t stopped smiling since.

I can't believe I have my own dog!

On the way to the car

I'm never letting you out of my sight

Paw in hand for the entire trip home

Learning to walk the puppy

Cocoa jumped into the pond a couple of minutes after this and it finally struck me that I have 2 babies!

I had my reservations. Cocoa is 4 months old, not potty trained, a girl (the red visitor) and THAT hair. She looks so high maintenance compared to Bailey, my first dog. But the idea of having a family dog was so idyllic, so 50′s, we had to give it a shot.  Besides I knew how lonely she was at home and having a pet would teach her how to be gentle, how to compromise, how to be patient and how to be responsible. Nothing her playmates at home could teach her. Plus, Cocoa was so well-loved by her original owner, she is Sweetness Doggiefied.

Welcome Home

Cocoa's first night home. Little Libra's first night not alone

The essence of their relationship

Gigil + Sweetness = the Essence of their Relationship

Hanging out under the table

A frequent hangout

Happy toddler

"Mommy, picture!" I think she's still learning that Cocoa isn't a battery operated stuffed toy and sometimes needs her own space.

And that is the story of how Little Libra became an Ate Libra. All of sudden she’s not so little anymore.

Welcome to our happy home Cocoa!





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9 Responses to The New Addition

  1. Tet says:

    Congrats on your new family member. I think hubby will want to visit Cocoa. Playdate silang 3 while we do our own. Hahaha! See you soooooooon!

  2. Ani says:

    Holy Little Dog!!!! Can’t believe you have another baby . . . so that makes THREE! ;) I can feel the happiness oozing out of this post. She looks so cute and absolutely ecstatic!! And the banner is adorable — little dog and little feet. Congrats on the new addition. Can’t wait to meet her!

  3. Leki says:

    love it! the last picture is so cute! cocoa is so sweet, doesn’t seem to mind anything at all. i’m free all day tomorrow i will text you! :)

  4. Carla says:

    omg.. how cute!!!
    bailey can finally have a sibling!!

  5. mai mai says:

    awwww, she’s so adorable….as in ALL SMILES TALAGA! love it! dogs have that effect on people and i think i will get one soon too! just to complete the household! seems like having a hamster doesn’t quite do it :)

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