Life B.C.

On the morning of Cocoa’s first day at home, Hubby says, “You know what Cocoa is? She’s a …” He picks up this book and holds it up like a sign:

Fill in the blank

(One of my favorite things about my Hubby is how he plays Mad Libs with book titles. We have this geek humor that I hope Little Libra inherits or she will grow up thinking her parents are completely uncool. Who am I kidding. Of course we’ll be uncool. We’re her parents!)

Anyway, Hubby couldn’t be more right. Things have changed. The house is bustling at 6am, two whole hours earlier than usual. Cocoa is the alarm clock. Little Libra wakes up. And four days later, I’m still looking for the snooze button. I’m sure that Hubby misses his quiet mornings as much as I desperately miss my sleep. Of course Little Libra embraces the change like it was covered in candy. But I think we all agree that the fragrance of the house is notably… doggie-esque.

In a week this will all be a blur and we won’t even remember what our family was like B.C. (Before Cocoa). So as we slide into our new dynamic, I just want to press the pause button for one second and honor our last weekend, just the three of us + Bailey.

Life was already good. Who knew it would get better?

Punta de Santiago

Punta de Santiago

Batangas low tide

Can you hear the waves?

Wading with floaters

Protection gear, ON!

Bailey waving hi

I love how his ear is waving "Hello!"

Stop. Time. Here. Photo taken by Hubby.










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8 Responses to Life B.C.

  1. Ani says:

    love it!

  2. Carla says:

    cute! haha.. i can hear the house chaos in your writing!

  3. Tita A. says:

    I hear it too. Take care.

  4. Tet says:

    Nice photos! Cant’t wait for our beach trip. :) Happy weekend!

  5. mai mai says:

    great beach shots! where is punta de santiago? :)

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