Summer Cut

I’m already indebted to Coca.

Ever since I took her to the groomer last weekend, Little Libra pressed for a new look too. So for the first time since I shaved her head at 5 months (in hopes of thickening and even-ing out her mane), Little Libra willingly got a haircut – -cry-free. Alleluia!

So someone was feeling pretty today.

Baby bob



Owning it

Owning it


While another is still missing her hair. The groomer said this look would keep her cool for the summer!

Summer cut shihtzu hair

I feel... different.

Sorry Cocoa. I owe you. But who knew you had such nice long legs?

Long legs

Long legs




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2 Responses to Summer Cut

  1. Ani says:

    aaaaw cocoa! she looks nalugi! haha!

  2. Carla says:

    so cute!!!

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