My day started with stepping in Cocoa’s poop on the way to the banyo.

Oh yes. This happened.

Two words for you: bare feet.

Then will you believe this… swimming class was canceled because a baby butt dispensed shreds of poop into the heated indoor pool.

But we were already in our swimsuits. And we were already wet.

And on the day these things happen to me and I react to them so vehemently, Little Libra sings herself to sleep with these original lyrics:

“Oh-Crap. Oh-Crap. Oh-Craaaaaap.”

They say sh*#ty things happen in threes.



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3 Responses to Quota

  1. Tet says:

    This is funny yet I could feel your pain. I have 1 word for you…ewww. :D

  2. Carla says:

    Eww.. It’s the literal meaning of you are full of sh..! Hee hee:)

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