Geeking Out

I took a stroll around cyberspace today and found some amazing candy for the Mom Geek in me.

  • At the Imagination Tree, I found some simple craft projects and book references. She has two little ones at home and I love how both kids can do the same project but contribute in their own age-specific way.
  • I was utterly fascinated with Playground Design. In a parallel universe, I am an architect. And I’m sending signals to her that she should stop making houses and make something for the local park. WHAT A LEGACY FOR CHILDREN.  I loooooove playgrounds!
  • And lastly I found some great tricks for feeding Little Libra  at Nurture Store. The magic vegetable sauce and rainbow fruits are simple and ingenious.

Creative home activities have gone to the back burner ever since we’ve enrolled in classes (Bad Mom!), but seeing these moms still go at it reminds me of how worthwhile it is to do special projects with Little Libra. It’s the key to the secret parts of her personality and admittedly, even mine.

Thanks to the Mom Geeks out there for sharing your creativity and pushing me along to reach my Mom Geek potential!

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  1. Tet says:

    Go, go, go! :)

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