Dot by Dot

George Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

…Like George Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, [a mother's life work] is laid down one dot at a time. Rarely does anyone else recognize the meaning of that one dot.

-Mary Ann Clark

I do.

In my old office whenever something good happened (a raise, an approval, a pat on the back) we would celebrate with 3 snaps in the form of a Z (our boss’ name). After reading Mary Ann Clark’s reflection on motherhood at 60 years young, I like the idea of  tallying up our mother-daughter breakthroughs and “incidents” in dots.

Our dots:

  • Little Libra fell from her chair because of my own clumsiness. Bad mom! 1 dot (a really red one)
  • Little Libra completed half of her ballet class on her own. The other half was my fault. Show me a parent who can resist watching kids in tutus and show me someone stone cold! 2 dots
  • Little Libra’s cry-less haircut. Sanity saver! 5 dots
  • Little Libra completed an exploring class on her own without entertaining a single anxious moment– after 9 classes. Milestone! 15 dots
  • Little Libra and I went shopping for the first time, just the two of us. We completed 5 errands, a trip to the restroom at two different venues. Bonding moment! 25 dots

The story behind these 25 dots:

It was January 2009, quarter to ten in the morning. Zara sale season. My mom and I were at Starbucks Shangri-la nursing our lattes as we waited for the store to open and engulf all the fabulous fashion. We weren’t alone. Minute by minute a crowd of well-heeled women filled the cafe and among them was a little girl attached to her mother’s hand, standing patiently among the sea of legs. Little Libra was a helpless, colic infant at the time and I remember admiring this kid for being so well-behaved. Her mother was chatting animatedly with her companion while her daughter required no more attention than the grip of her manicured hand. She was a seasoned tag along and her mom’s favorite accessory. And that’s how I felt as I fastened Little Libra into her car seat after our shopping expedition. She’s officially my favorite accessory. Can’t. leave. home. without. it.

Just had to share that one.

This post is dedicated to all the dots you have made this week. It’s harder to pen the little victories but they count simply because they keep us going.

Your canvass is fuller, dear reader. Celebrate the dots!

Have a great weekend:)


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  1. Sheila Ledesma says:

    celebrate the dots! :)

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