First Friend

After all the training in ballet and exploring class, a real life test of her social skills...

I can tell when Little Libra wants to make friends. She smiles with her lips and lingers. That’s my cue to introduce her to the kids she’s with and shuffle toward the exit. She hugs my legs and says Mooooommmmmy the way a friend asks you to go to the restroom with her. I ease her off my leg, push her toward the kids and join my table, my head facing the conversation while my body faces her.

She runs to me. This means she made contact.  The child responded but she freaked out—probably surprised that her attempt at friendship is being reciprocated.

I see the child in the distance. Her face says Is it something I said?

Go back to your friend. She’s waiting for you.


Yes! She’s looking at you! Go play na.

And just like that a friendship was born with seven year-old Ate Tati. Being the youngest in her family, I could tell Ate Tati loved being the bida for a change.  Being the only child,  Little Libra  loved being taken cared of/looking up to someone/being bossed around. Ate Tati was a celebrity in her eyes and she followed her with same fervor as the paparazzi.

But she always came back to me for reassurance, like the way she’d pull open the adjoining door to her exploring class.

When it was time to go home, she says I have to kiss My Ate and gave her a big smooch.

I wanted to give her Ate a smooch, a hug and even some prize money for taking my baby under her wing.

She made a friend on her own. 50 dots.

First Friend





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6 Responses to First Friend

  1. Ani says:

    Precious! Good job, BOTH of you! Making friends is not easy!! I try to do the EXACT same things at bars, but my batting average is less than stellar. Maybe they don’t like the lingering and smooching? hahaha! kidding.

  2. Tita A. says:

    Good job. She looks like Ninang C. in this picture. Miss you Little Libra.

  3. Tet says:

    Way to go, Little Libra! Good job, Mommy, for raising a friend-material in her:D

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