Every Day is Mother’s Day

I secretly love the sight of this:

Better than watching TV

God bless this mess. I'd rather clean this up than switch on the TV.

I even love the lump in my throat when she climbs up the big slide all by herself:

Big slide

Look at me!

She can run with the best of them:

  • RunningChasing Bailey
  • And usually outlasts them:

  • She's still going...Go to sleep already. Your playmates are knocked out.
  • I think my friend, Tess, said it best, I’m not just proud to be a mom, I’m proud to be     Little Libra’s Mom.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!








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    One Response to Every Day is Mother’s Day

    1. mai mai says:

      oh yes mommy! happy mother’s day! your blogs are so nice to read, and it’s because we “mommies” can totally relate. motherhood is truly such a special thing. ♥

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