Impromptu Graduation

I don’t usually do this but I scheduled a swimming lesson right after exploring class. So we ran from one venue to another in fifteen minutes and had to change into our swimsuits. Well, Little Libra changed. I forgot my swimsuit… Happiness!

This should have happened two sessions ago. I just didn’t have the heart to desert her especially when her classmates had their moms by their side.  But I knew she was ready when I needed to endorse Teacher’s command, as if Teacher was a yaya and I was the swimming authority. Me. The one whose sole concern was keeping her hair dry. Me. The one who flinched every time a kid made a big splash.

I would love to tell you how proud I was to see her swim independently, how secretly sad I felt for not being needed. But I can’t. I was too busy relishing in my dry clothes, chatting with the other moms, half-watching and half-cheering her on. It was exactly the way I dreamed it would be. Unfortunately, my camera -which I usually forget- was deliberately left at home. I thought I’d be in the water. So I have no photos of graduation. This post will have to do.

Happy graduation to me…


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6 Responses to Impromptu Graduation

  1. Carla says:

    Congatulations! She’s officially an athlete :)

  2. Ani says:

    Love the banner! and Wow, Little Libra is meeting milestones on what seems like a daily basis. Congratulations to brave, talented, brilliant you and your equally brave, talented and brillian little one!

  3. Tet says:

    Congratulations! Having spent some time with her recently, I think she’s just as talented and bright as her Mom so I’m totally not surprised about this milestone. You are doing a great job raising her. So proud of you! Love you both! :)

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