Luvin’ La Luz

Top 10 Things We Loved about La Luz Resort:

1. Beautiful blue waters just 2 hours away from Manila

La Luz view

Pure blue waters

raft anchored in the water

The raft was perfect for sunbathing

La Luz view

No escaping the blue waters

toddler with sunglasses

Don't forget your shades!

2. The constant breeze -  couldn’t. stop. falling. asleep.

favorite hair do

The pig tails were flying around like flags on a pole

3. Starry starry nights – We were lucky that weekend – the sky was a canvass and God painted a kajillion stars

toddler playing with shadows
Couldn’t capture the stars… But Little Libra officially met her shadow for the first time on that starry night.

4. No TV or swimming pool -so lots of time for puzzles, books and beach play. The beach is pebbley so aqua shoes are a must for the little ones.

puzzles at the beach

The beach and puzzle combo. Who would have thought she'd be more patient with puzzles at the beach?

toddler life vest

Mini life vest = Major peace of mind!

sand playing and aqua shoes

Don't leave home without aqua shoes! Got these at SM for just P250.

5. Pets allowed – Little Libra met a beagle named Gustav. She thought if she fawned over him enough, she could take him home–like the way she got Cocoa.

Gustav the beagle

First meeting

dinner with gustave the beagle

Dinner Date. Chaperoned of course.

gustav the beagle gets the biggest smiles from toddler

I hope this is not a precedent for the boys in her future.

6. No fuss meals – There are 4 four buffet meals all day so you don’t need to worry about food. Personally, I don’t like thinking about my food all the time so I was happy to just eat what’s there –and it’s abundant. Plus, kids under 7 years old eat for free!

7. Free wi-fi -So we still get to read the news, catch up on emails and check facebook. But La Luz is really the best place to read and doze. Time is deliciously slow.

8. Simple but complete accommodations  – There’s a separate toilet and shower, strong water pressure, hot water, thoughtful storage compartments, strong aircon, and clean white linens. Works for me!

9. Easy road trip – I’ve grown to prefer road trips with Little Libra to avoid hassles with airports and luggage limitations.  I also like the idea of flexible departure times as opposed to chasing flight schedules. And not having to spend extra airfare for yaya is a huge plus.

10. Mommy came home relaxed and rejuvenated – Traveling with my toddler is not always a vacation for me but this one was!

We are definitely going back.

toddler in tunic

Cheers! See you at La Luz!

Thanks to Tita Tet and Tito Jason for a wonderful time and the gorgeous photos:)





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5 Responses to Luvin’ La Luz

  1. Ani says:

    Sounds so relaxing! and great photos!

  2. Tet says:

    Thank YOU too! :) We completely enjoyed being with you girls.

  3. Aileen says:

    I wanna go!!!!

  4. La Luz seems to be really a nice place. I love your photos too! :) We’ll be visiting pinas this coming December so I am definitely listing down La Luz as one of the place to visit :)

    I’m following from :)

    Spanish Pinay

  5. teng says:

    I hope this is not a precedent for the boys in her future. – Hahaha you’re funny Reg! As always! Little Libra is growing up fast, and so beautiful!

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