Things I’ve Learned while Raising 2 Kids

Little Libra named her brother “Little Ones” which I have edited to a more poetic “Little Once.” Let’s call him Little One for short.


1. The second one will never have that photo album. (Sorry Little One!) Little Libra had four printed albums of her first year. (That’s one album per quarter–excited much?!)  The Little One has ZERO. His “album” is a folder in my hard drive filled with unedited shots (like twenty shots of him doing tummy time one week and then ten shots of him sleeping a month later). At least there are photos -which I constantly remind myself to take.

Here’s a shot from his first night home:

She: “Your hands are so small…” He: “Your head is friggin’ huge!”

2. The house will never be neat. If I have no pests and no dust, I’m a happy camper. Otherwise, each member of the family has an assigned chaos corner.  I break down and pack away when I realize how much time I waste looking for things.

As long as these two are fed, bathed and healthy, the state of the house is secondary.

Swaddled toddler and infant. She insisted.

3. Free time will never be consistent. I wish my life was so organized that free time could be safely secured at a specific time every day, like a meeting. I can’t (yet!) It’s impossible (but not forever right?) THINGS ALWAYS COME UP (sob!)

It would be really helpful  if these two slept at the same time, but they seem to take turns guarding Mommy.

She used to be HIS size!

She used to be his size!

4. I will never have a decent sleep without medication. The one thing I love about developing random allergic rhinitis after having the Little One is Benadryl. Talk about knockout, Pacquiao-Hatton style. In the mean time, these two have conspired to make my 2012 feel like one looooooooong day.

His godfather pose. Who looks like the boss now?

5. I will never be bored. Tired, yes. Frustrated, yes. Delighted, always! Little Libra and her Little One have come a long way from just lying around:

Haircut at 5 months in hopes that his hair will be just as thick and silky as Ate’s, when he’s 3 years old.

They’re learning to hang out…

Two sitting kids.. Two waking ones by the end of the year–yikes!


Sharing fair and square

and just enjoy each other’s company. Yay!

Pure smiles

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this stage of their childhood and my motherhood is fleeting. The Little One is already 8 months and Little Libra is turning 4 years old in a month! At this age, he communicates in his baby language, she translates. He’s teething, she’s going to the dentist for the first time. He demands solids six times a day, she twirls her own spaghetti. They’re my daily dose of contrasts.

In spite of their age difference, they managed to develop their own dynamic. She bids him goodbye when she leaves for school. He excitedly greets her when she gets home. He flutters his eyelids, she alerts the whole house that he’s awake. He’s fussy, she introduces a new age-appropriate toy. He makes her laugh. She makes him smile.  They are connected much like the connection I have with my own siblings, no matter how far they are. (Which really means that one day this alliance that I find so cute will make fun of me behind my back and blame me for all their troubles! Feels different on the other side…sulk, sulk.)

The point is when you’re having a rough day, remember that the the kids are little once.

Embrace it. Take photos.

And try to print out an album.









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8 Responses to Things I’ve Learned while Raising 2 Kids

  1. Carla says:

    What a cute article. I’m gushing over them and can’t wait to meet Tommy.
    I love your comment about the siblings! haha

  2. Ani says:

    I love it! Thank you for sharing the beauty in the chaos that is your life right now. :) Looove the pics! They really are a team na!

  3. mai mai says:

    yay!!! you’re back!!! that means… have more time on your hands? or has “something” come up again?!? hehehehe, well, thanks for sharing! been waiting eagerly for your posts! cheers! when’s our next get-together? :)

  4. Banawe says:

    Have practical question. Who gets to keep the treasured album. Is it yours or Little Libra. Also albums get lost over time even with the best of care.
    Then there is the problem of pesky teachers asking for pictures for useless projects which they never give back. All pictures submitted are lost forever.
    In this electronic age best is to keep pictures (and loving memories) in a numerous hard drives.

    • Good point! Thank goodness for the digital age! For projects, print out from hard drive. Albums are sacred. One album for kid and one for me. Little Libra managed to destroy some albums already so 2 copies are really a must.

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