Silver Lining

We’ve got two sick kids at home.

But they are sleeping together in their own bedroom. For the first time in four years, the master bedroom feels


We’ve got 2 sick kids at home.

But they’re asleep by 8pm and awake by 6am in a separate room. So ten whole hours to ourselves in our own home is


We’ve got 2 sick kids at home.

But we took our first decent family photo after eight months of trying. From left to right: Mrs. Bounce Back, Master Focus, Mister Fitness and Miss Princess.


Our First Decent Family Photo...too bad it was taken with a Blackberry!

It was a tough week and this photo reminds me that we made it


Clouds with silver linings do exist.




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4 Responses to Silver Lining

  1. Ani says:

    yehey to your own space and to gorgeous family pics! hope the kiddos get well soon!

  2. mai mai says:

    reg you look good! Mrs. Bounce Back is blooming….hmmmm….”spacious room” = blooming momma :)

    it works!!! see you soon for another round with the ladies?

    Gabby’s finally well na….how about your kiddos?

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