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We pick out her outfit together but she selects the matching bag all on her own– which I don’t notice until we’re waiting for the elevator. Girls!  

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Glass Ceiling 101

With training like this, he’ll be ruling pre-school.                

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Angry Birds

Hubby sees Victory. I see Future School Project Material. (Where can I hide them in the mean time?) Little Libra sees Angry Birds.

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Birthday Suit

I was tinkering around the kitchen when I realized that I was tinkering away uninterrupted for far too long… Look what I found: My thoughts in chronological order: Naked again?! Oh gad, she wants to be Cocoa. That time she … Continue reading

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The teacher handed me an envelope of Little Libra’s artwork and immediately after skimming through it I ask, “Are you sure these are hers? She has a classmate by the same name and these are too good.” There. It’s on … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Keys

“When you have kids….you’ll lose stuff,” – Father of 4 teenagers, Christmas 2008   I was given fair warning when Little Libra was an infant. Now our house & car keys were missing. Don’t ask me why they were lying … Continue reading

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Totem Pole

In Filipino culture, the eldest are the most respected and always get the best of everything. So in car speak, the eldest always gets either shotgun or the windows seats, leaving the youngest with the measly middle seat or the … Continue reading

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The Answer Key

I’m always late. I don’t intend to be, it just happens. I could be on time at home but I always get delayed at the exit point.  In order to be early, I have to budget an extra 30 minutes. … Continue reading

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One Track Mind

Happy 2011!!! I’ve been raring to get back to regular programming but have had to attend to numerous housekeeping issues– including sending the ol’ laptop to the shop! So how has the new year been for you so far? My … Continue reading

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Christmas Essence

Check out my guest post for… With the traffic, the parties, the shopping, it’s become increasingly difficult for me to remember the essence of Christmas– that it is a time to celebrate our blessings. It’s about giving not receiving, … Continue reading

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