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The Mommy Meeting

My weekly conversation with Little Libra before I zip out for some alone time, errand time, work time, girlfriend time, or hubby time: Little Libra: (Noticing that I’m not in my pambahay grub) Where you going Mommy? Me: (Sounding important) … Continue reading

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Christmas Pili for Sale

Christmas is exactly one month away! Are you looking for an affordable and memorable Christmas gift for your friends and family? Try Sophie Street’s  Pure Pili freshly delivered from Naga City, Bicol Please place your order at least one week … Continue reading

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This morning I woke up with a random bump on my head and applied some ice (in the form of a frozen teether). When my daughter saw me, she started whining. I thought she was upset that I borrowed her … Continue reading

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There’s something dramatic about seeing a city covered in fog and sheets of rain. We get to watch the passing storms – at least three in a day– from our condo like a live movie. We take in the greying … Continue reading

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Delayed Gratification & the Toddler Scream

Continuing the series on child x-ray vision and getting to know your toddler from the inside. Top 10 situations where I deal with delayed gratification: Ordering my favorite dish only to find out it’s no longer available. Finding the perfect … Continue reading

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The Ally

It’s one of the best tricks up my sleeve: a covert operation between a certain plastic human and me. About six months ago, my daughter treated Dolly like an infant and even breastfed her at night. Well Dolly seems to … Continue reading

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Prayer Book

I couldn’t believe that time had come already. I thought it would happen when she’s older. But she seems to be catching on to popular opinion: sometimes praying is a drag. Perhaps the more wholesome way to saying it is … Continue reading

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Typhoon (almost) Terrible Twos

I’ve realized that it’s not about protecting my child from the furniture. She has learned how to maneuver herself around the corners of a table and tackle the height of the sofa. It’s the furniture that I have to protect … Continue reading

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Book Ornaments

Binder clip + Ribbon = Book Ornament I’m a big fan of book covers but we simply don’t have the space for a proper book cabinet like the one shown here . And our walls are so shabby that we … Continue reading

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