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My Son, My Sun

Dear Little One, This week you turned nine months old and you have done me no wrong except make me bed ridden for the last ten weeks of my pregnancy with you, and after all that, prefer your yaya over … Continue reading

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The World as She Knows It

Continuing the series on child x-ray vision and getting to know your toddler from the inside. When your toddler seems to be breaking things left and right remember this: Toddlers are rookies in life. They don’t know any better. Do … Continue reading

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Elmo for Breakfast

Thanks to our Tita E from the London satellite office, we had a guest for breakfast this morning. Literally. She had him for breakfast… Source: Little Food Junction

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The Ally

It’s one of the best tricks up my sleeve: a covert operation between a certain plastic human and me. About six months ago, my daughter treated Dolly like an infant and even breastfed her at night. Well Dolly seems to … Continue reading

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A Different Bookstore on Sale!

Children’s books are at least 20% off! Come with your own list of books and the friendly staff will help you find it. Here’ s a list of their branches: http://adifferentbookstore.com/contact-us The Serendra store is a bit tight so I … Continue reading

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Weekend Hangover

When I was pregnant, I prepared myself for the thought of having another mouth to feed, another mind to mold and another person to love. I did not think about the additional social life to manage. It’s Monday and I’m … Continue reading

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Like all worthwhile things in life, crafts are not about the results but the process. We made a pair of binoculars today out of purely recycled items: toilet paper rolls, scrap art paper, and ribbon. I thought she’d enjoy making … Continue reading

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Picky Eater Stage

My daughter is entering the picky eating stage. To date, her favorite foods are ketchup, anything with ketchup and ketchup. She also likes juicy fruit, plain bread, plain rice, food she prepared and other kid’s food. She has mastered the … Continue reading

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Pretend Hats

It’s really sunny today and my daughter says that everyone needs a hat and sunblock! [slideshow] This was a great exercise in differentiating between big and small. With a little coaching, she managed to find the right-size hat for the … Continue reading

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Tattoos are the New Stamp

Of all my childhood memories, I clearly remember collecting stickers and keeping them in a brag book for my friends to admire AND eagerly waiting for the end of class to get my hand stamped with a star. Flash forward … Continue reading

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