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Language Lesson

Lunch time after school. Little Libra is eating the last of her lumpia and rice. When she’s done chewing she says: “Guess what Mommy.” “What?” “When it’s more than one thing, we add an S at the end. Like thingssssss” … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

Hubby sees Victory. I see Future School Project Material. (Where can I hide them in the mean time?) Little Libra sees Angry Birds.

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Future Chef

I see: measuring cups, a spatula and her snack container She sees: cooking equipment But it was all my mistake. She wasn’t cooking. She was baking.

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Child X-Ray Vision

She sees: Art on canvass I see: Grafitti on our bedroom wall! What was she thinking when she got that marker and scribbled on the wall? (On a side note, thank goodness she hit another wall or she’d strike through … Continue reading

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Down to some REAL business

…More tricks for those tired days! What do you do with business cards that have nothing to do with your job?  I’m talking about the cards for restaurants, galleries, exhibits, and stores. Why do you pick one up and where … Continue reading

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Child Vision…Activate!

So you’re tired from work, from your day, from your life. You come home to your bouncing toddler and she wants to play while you just want to cuddle. She’s sick of her toys and you don’t feel like doing … Continue reading

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