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Energizer Bunnies

I think it was when she was about 22 months that my daughter’s energy skyrocketed. She needed only one nap in a day which lasts for about an hour or so. Bedtime was pushed back by 2 hours for my … Continue reading

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5-Step Playdate Program

The day started with a buzz. The house was tidier, the kitchen was brewing, the toys were laid out. It’s playdate day and we were hosting. Everyone was busy doing something, least of all my little co-host. She napped on … Continue reading

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(Play) Dating

Play dates are called dates for a reason. It starts with meeting each other, being attracted to each other’s kids and/or mom and/or parenting style. Interest is conveyed. Numbers are exchanged. Scheduling commences. Dates take place. And you decide, should … Continue reading

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