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Language Lesson

Lunch time after school. Little Libra is eating the last of her lumpia and rice. When she’s done chewing she says: “Guess what Mommy.” “What?” “When it’s more than one thing, we add an S at the end. Like thingssssss” … Continue reading

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Ever since the Little One was born, my attention has been divided.  But there came a time two weeks ago that made me stop in my tracks and look at my little girl in all her budding four year old … Continue reading

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The teacher handed me an envelope of Little Libra’s artwork and immediately after skimming through it I ask, “Are you sure these are hers? She has a classmate by the same name and these are too good.” There. It’s on … Continue reading

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Growth Spurt

Whenever I see my daughter taking her afternoon nap, I tell myself, I did that; I stimulated her senses silly until she couldn’t keep her eyes open. I recall the things we had to do to get to this moment … Continue reading

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